Balmain Backpackers is a place many have found difficult to leave. The Hostel is a ‘lived in’ but very clean establishment, run more like a student apartment where the backpackers do more often set the boundaries and rules. We are close to the city (an amazing 11 minutes in peak hour traffic to Town Hall by bus) in a suburb where you can experience a Sydney style community to live in which is both openly friendly and welcoming to our guests.

Our ambition is to meet all the needs of our guests with such things as tour desks, good information, good beds and mattresses, stereos, Surround sound DVD rooms, social BBQs, parties, movie nights, pool comps, but where we are unable to supply such things as a beach or shopping centre we will take you to them with our free Hostel shuttle service to places like Bondi and “Home and aways” Summer Bay Location.. Shopping, market and swimming pool shuttles are also a daily occurance. Jobs are often the focus for many funds depleted, backpackers returning from their journeys up or down the coast. We specialise in finding work and have those seeking work earning money within days and often, in some cases, within hours of arrival.